Chains of Silver and Blood

Episode 10

The Three and Four

Without thinking, Pragatima jumps after the Dragon-Blooded. The chase starts on the palace roofs, the two Exalts jumping over the heads of bewildererd palace guard under the red light of the setting sun. Soon both are bouncing from tree to tree, flashing towards the rest of the city.

Back in Osbek’s room, Rohim springs towards the thief to inspect him for injuries, as Beyaloa summons the Cirrus Skiff in order to follow the pursuit. Soon, she jumps on the coallescing cloud along with Harik. High above the paved roads of the city, they see Pragatima and her quarry on the roofs of the Street of Temples.

Over the busy street reverberating with the cries of wine-sellers and the prayers of the followers of Adriva Aynan, the Air Aspect turns around, realising that he can’t easily outrun the Hazan woman. There is a calm moment, as they face each other without speaking, ignoring the calls of the Children of the Spear passing in the street. Realising that the mysterious Exalt is probably trying not to be seen, Pragatima starts the fight by using the voice of the Nightingale, throwing the Dragon-Blooded off the roof with a powerful shout. The panicked crowd clears around him, and as he take a unknown martial art stance, Pragatima accuses him of being a murderer in front of the street, trying (and failing) to get the crowd and the Children of the Spear to join the fight.

The two martial artists come to blow in the middle of the street, destroying stalls and creating a panic, the Dawn’s shouts and the swift blows of the Air Aspect sending shockwaves throught the evening air. From the Cirrus Skiff, Harik’s keen eyes widen as he recognises the tatoos on the Dragon-Blooded’s hands : the mark of a holy assassin of the Pure Way, trained to fight and kill since childhood. The fight creates ripples throught the crowd, the first signs of a panic stampede, and the Children of the Spear establish a wall of shields around the two Exalts as the air starts to glow with the colors of the Dragon-Blooded anima.

But the fight, as terrible as it looks, is over before long, and the Dragon-Blooded is put against the wall by the fury of the Dawn. Before Pragatima can land the killing blow, he drops to his knees, throwing his hand in the air in an obvious gesture of surrender, his anima faltering around him.

Unwilling to kill a defenseless oponent, the Hazan warrior takes him prisonnier with the help of the Palace guard who followed the commotion to them, and the Dragon-Blooded is put in chains to be interogated… which proves to be harder than expected, seing as he doesn’t speak Dreamtongue or Flametongue.

Back at the Palace, Rohim is caring for Osbek and for Majaji, the Voriyara who was put in charge of the thief’s safety, and ended up being poisonned by the Dragon-Blooded. After managing to reduce the effect of the poison, he meets back with the rest of the circle and a furious Omale, who is interrogating her new prisonnier in Low Realm. They learn that he is named Burano Jinosoi, and that he was supposed to learn who hired Osbek to steal the bank ledger.

The assassin is put in a cell under the People’s Palace, and his injuries are treated by Rohim while the group debates what to do with such a peculiar prisonnier. While the Dragon-Blooded is polite and respectful, he refuses to answer any questions from the group, and only Beyaloa’s observation’s skills tell them that the assassin does not expect to stay in his cell for very long. Intrigued, they leave the killer monk meditating in his cell in silence.

Tired by their day, most of the circle stay in the palace to rest, study and keep watch. Restless, Rohim leaves to spend the evening at the Blue House, where a local noble is entertaining guests with a collection of songs performed by artists from the Pearly Coast. Oblivious to the intrigue of the nobles surrounding him, and unfazed by the eldritch guardian of the house, a lion-dog of living blue ceramic, the young physician simply enjoys the show, even going as far as to tap his fingers in rythm with the familiar melodies.

But he ends up noticing a shaded figure observing him in the crowd, and feels a shudder of recognition as he gets to his feet to approach the beautiful dark woman, who leaves as soon as she sees him approach. They both leave the Blue House, and end up running throught the empty streets of the city. As Rohim finally catches up with her, she brings a dagger of old bronze to his throat, and asks him to let her go. The young man ends up alone under the moon, lost in the foreign capital.

The night is deep when Rohim finally finds his way back to the People’s Palace. Ambling toward the guest wing, he crosses a young servant wearing a white veil, and grabs his arm, asking for information on Ebele’s wereabouts. Visibly surprised, the servant tells him that there is no way to get that information, especially not by going to the White Tree teahouse, where taking lunch would be out of the question.

In the shadown, Beyaloa watches the exchange incredulously, a cup of strong tea in her hands.



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