Merchant-Prince of the Guild


Ysmir is a plump man in his fifties, with a small grey beard and long hair held in an elaborate ponytail. He is usually seen wearing rich, colorful robes of precious cloth, and drinking from a mother-of-pearl teacup.

Charming and good-natured, he can talk for hours on a variety of subjects, seemingly oblivious to the social status of his audience.


Ysmir started as a landowner from the Pearly Coast, driven away from his home in during a succession crisis. He joined the Guild and rose steadily throught its ranks, ending up as one of the three merchant-princes of Dir-Jal.

In charge of the poppy fields surrounding the city, he is the only merchant capable of producing God-milk, and is fastly becoming rich beyond belief. A friend of Zao Khan, he funded many treasure-seeking and archeological expeditions.

Today, he has even more influence over the ruling council of Dir-Jal than most people know, having been instrumental in putting the last merchant-prince, Siem, on the council.


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