Tag: Illuvar


  • Zapir

    Raised as one of the many Star-Princes of Illuvar, Zapir is currently exploring the Dreaming Sea, meddling with local politics and creating alliances all over the coast.

  • Rain Pearl

    Rain Pearl is a Flashing Mirror, a member of a warrior sect dedicated to the protection of Illuvar and its assets. She is a master of their eponymous martial art, focusing on blinding speed and deception, and has also been trained as a spy and assassin …

  • Tebliel the Captive

    An ennemy of Ireni, the god of Illuvar, Tebliel the Deluder is now a prisonnier inside Rain Pearl's dagger. A god of the hidden places of the coast, of forgotten grottos and secret valleys, he opposed the rule of Ireni the White Star for decades. When …