Tag: Sorcerer


  • Beyaloa "Maruktika" Najilah'Ojoeni

    Beyaloa is a noblewoman and owns the large estate of Khimsar, overlooking the coast of the [[Sea of Gold | Sea of Gold]] near [[Kingdom of Ansibah | Ansibah]], where she produces cocoa and grain. She has two children, [[:elikem | Elikem]] and a [[: …

  • Harikrishnan Madoria Singh

    Harik is a wanderer, knowledgeable about many subjects. Thought unwilling to get caught in other's problems, his tendency to look for mysteries has gotten him in trouble before. Usually unfazeable, he is prone to worry when his past manages to catch up …

  • Narez of the Smoking Tower

    Narez of the Smoking Tower is a mysterious figure, feared and respected by most inhabitants of the Coast. He keeps to himself, and does not ask for riches or issue commands, seemingly content to let everyone do as they will. He will sometimes intervene …

  • Burano Madoria Makeba

    Send from [[Neighbouring Lands | Prasad]] along with [[:ejain | Ejain]], little is known of her past for now, but she seems to have some influence amongst some members of the court of [[Kingdom of Ansibah | the Twelve]].