Tag: Spirit


  • Lee The Blind

    Lee the Blind is the city god of [[Dir-Jal | Dir-Jal]], and is often seen quietly walking in the streets around the [[Inashi | Inashi]].

  • He Who Burns

    He Who Burns is the fair folk noble who sold dream-eaten warriors to [[:nash | Nash Draghma]]. Little else is known about him, save that he apparently operates in or near Baliad.

  • She Whose Name is Death

    A powerful shade from the Underworld, She Whose Name Is Death apparently wields power greater than some gods, able to grant a dark Exaltation to her choosen champions. Some have speculated that she might be a Deathlord, one of the divine ghosts ruling and …

  • Hmaiyeroba

    Hmaiyeroba was invoqued by [[:harik | Harik]] to serve her as a living armor. While not much is known about her past, she had never left Malfeas before. She is tense around water, and can't wrap her head around the idea of a sea not made out of …

  • Calyp

    Calip was incanted into being by [[:beyaloa-maruktika-najilah-ojoeni | Beyaloa]], and is part of the numerous elementals that surround the sorceress of Khimsar. While proud enough to consider most humans uninteresting, she has also formed somewhat of a …

  • Tebliel the Captive

    An ennemy of Ireni, the god of Illuvar, Tebliel the Deluder is now a prisonnier inside [[:rain-pearl | Rain Pearl]]'s dagger. A god of the hidden places of the coast, of forgotten grottos and secret valleys, he opposed the rule of Ireni the White Star …