Chains of Silver and Blood


Summer Peace

And time passes, tides and winds turning with the seasons, the world slowly changing, as if carved by the sea and the rhythm of the gods. In Ansibah, an embassy is built for the Empire of Prasad, just in time for the festival of winds, when thousands of bladed kites take flight to fight in the skies of the capital, Elikem using his own for the first time under the watchful eye of his mother and Ebele.

Next to Khimsar, the camp of the Free Sea People grows, trained as first by the Voriyaras and soon by some of their own.

Pragatima disappears for a while, leading her band towards the southern animal kingdoms, and comes back wounded but proudly holding the scepter of the Broken King in her hand.

Rohim goes back to Dir-Jal, regularly making trips with Harik to the Fiery Isles to tend to the Bey, Asteria and Star-Prince Zapir, and both sorcerers study and prepare for the dangers to come.

The cocoa season comes and goes, Hapana is held next to Dir-Jal, and Rain Pearl travels around, often coming back to Khimsar to rest and learn about local politics.

It is only four months after leaving Baliad, in the middle of Resplendent Earth, that the circle all find themselves together once moreā€¦



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