Chains of Silver and Blood

Episode 1
Red like a River

Our story starts with a buffalo-pulled barge on its way to Dir-Jal, as it stops for a few hours next to a small independant river village. In it, amongst the merchants and the priests and the travelers looking for an easy way to the City of the Chained God, our five heroes are travelling and enjoying the impromtu market that springs up everywhere the water-born caravan stops.

In the middle of the market, Sën shares the meal she swindled from a merchant with local boys, as Beyaloa and Rohim wander throught the peddlers selling warm food, massages, petty drugs and fresh fruits. After a moment, Harik and Pragatima are attracted by a villager selling what he claims to be a relic from a drowned city in the middle of the Sea of Gold, a lense of luminescent glass that he ends up parting with for an outrageous price.

And as the caravan leader and the mayor argue about tarifs and taxes and the proper duration of their stop, a shadow spreads. For mercenaries have been sighted on the hill overlooking the village, riders atop horses and two great rhinos painted in black and red stripes. They are poised to strike at the village and the docked caravan, halting for a moment to gauge their target and spread fear in the heart of those who see them.

Pragatima advances slowly towards them, recognising them for what they are : Hazan mercenaries, led by Bika of the Ivory Arm. On the hills, negociations start between the troop and the circle-to-be, as villagers and merchants start to panic and prepare to flee. The circle learns that the troup has been hired to spread fear in the area, and have been ordered to put this village to the torch without killing most of the inhabitants. They refuse to leave without a fight, but agree to let the caravan go in peace.

Seizing the occasion, Siem sails away with the circle and her passengers, amid protestations from Rohim and Beyaloa. As the sun sets, they decide to go back, Beyaloa conjuring a Cirrus Skiff to carry them to the village, where the physician spends the night curing those who have been wounded, and the sorceress promises to send over money to help rebuild.

The rest of the trip is uneventful and uneasy, with few stops and fewer cheers, Pragatima even starting to become suspicious of Rohim and Beyaloa after their disapearance. The group arrives finally arrives at Dir-Jal, where they disembark in the midst of very busy docks, where wood and stones are discharged to be used in the building of a new bridge for the city.

As Pragatima haggles with Siem for her pay, an accident leaves a docker stuck under a block of stone, leading to a fight between a foreman and Wulpa, another docker who claims to have already warned the foreman of the security risk without any results. Unperturbed, Pragatima shatters the stone block with her voice, and takes advantage of the stunned silence to break up the fight before it can get out of hand.

As Rohim heals the shattered leg of the accidented worker and starts to ask questions about the irresponsible foreman, some workers start getting to theirs knees, seemingly recognising the unasuming physician.

Fires on the Wall

They were five. Five soldiers on the great wall of Y’danna, huddling together around the watch-fire to keep away from the pouring rain of Descending Water nights. Maan, Nomi, Irrah, Shana, and Desi, five people playing tiles and sharing honey-date cakes as they watched over the peace of the peace-full city. That night was their last guarding the wall that had been the pride of the city, the wall so thick two chariots could ride side-to-side all over its topmost road.

For in the red light of the signal fires of the great wall, under the deluge, the five of them fought the great un-man in chitinous armor who had lain low their comrades. Wounded by its wicked crooked spear, they laid low the monster only to find their city burned by undying fires.

In a single night of rain, steel and fire, Y’danna had fallen to the unknown raiders.


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