Burano Arjuna - DECEASED

Envoy of Prasad - Earth Aspect


Arjuna is tall and powerful, with dark hair and skin the colour and texture of brown marble. He usually wears the green robes of a Prasadi Dragon-Blooded, but proudly dons the Ten Devils Armor when walking into battle, a powerful heirloom of jade and orichalcum.

He is proud and quick to anger, but otherwise a pious follower of the Pure Way.

His anima manifests as a great spikked chains of stone bursting from the ground.


Arjuna was an envoy to Dir-Jal from the northern empire of Prasad. He apparently had a rivalry of sort with Yadu Vanshi, having pursued him for a long time without ever catching the Lunar.

He was sent to Dir-Jal on a secret mission, the goal of which is currently unknown, before finding his doom fighting the circle and Yadu Vanshi as a service to Pree Asma.

Burano Arjuna - DECEASED

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