Old fisherman


Aver is an old man and a bit of a drunkard, his skin burnt by the sun and salt, his finger cut time and again by his nets and fishing lines.

Grumpy and antisocial, he finds solace when alone in his tought or when out at sea.


Aver spent most of his life fishing, barely making ends meet in the harsh waters of the Sea of Gold. His life would have been but a footnote on his village history, if he hadn’t stumbled on the Sunken City of the Sea People after a violent Wyldstorm.

Returning to the Sunken City time and time again, he made a name for himself (and more money than he could hope for) by selling the spoils of his expeditions to rich merchants and curious travellers.

Now too old to sail back to the Sunken City on his own, he sits surrounded by his memories and by expensive bottle of wines.


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