Bika of the Chakan

Mercenary Leader of the Ivory Arms


Like many Hazan, Bika is tall, more than six feet tall. Though he was never tempted to become a priest or a shaman, he is bara-kin, and his skin is brick-red (except for his marble-white right arm).

As a rhino-rider, he wears a cape of leopard-skin, and usually carries an ungoldly amound of weapons on his person.


Bika is one of the chiefs of the Chakan-lo clan of the Hazan.

Like many members of his tribe, he is a mercenary, and leads the Ivory Arms in contracts everywhere in the area. The Ivory Arms are known to respect their word to their dying breath if needed, though they will not fight with other Hazan for a contract.

Bika of the Chakan

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