Ebele Ptaara'Ojoeni

Wandering hero of the Twelve


Ebele has the same dark skin tone, fine features and dark hair as her cousin Beyaloa. She is a obviously a warrior, with a visibly athletic physique, and is seldom seen without a finely-made sword.

She has a number of scars, accumulated during her adventures around the Dreaming Sea, and has lost two finger on her sword-arm during her duel with the Anathema Visadhara.


The daughter of a sea-god, Ebele never spent much time with her father, and was raised by her mother and her aunts.

She has always been of an adventurous nature, and started travelling and looking for great deeds to accomplish in order to get her tatoos. Over the years, that original purpose has been somewhat lost, and she is now known for her travels and martial prowess.

She has a rocky relationship with her great-aunt Omale and most of her direct family, but is beloved in her home city of Ansibah.

Ebele Ptaara'Ojoeni

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