Elhia Ollorin

Heir of the Ollorin family


Elhia is a teenage girl of a dozen years, with dark hair going nearly down to her feet, held by gold links. She dresses in the way of the nobles of the Twelve, with colored silk trousers and light vests.

Studious and smart, she is very aware that she has no true allies as of now, and doesn’t fully trust her new mother, thought she would never admit it out loud.


Elhia is the only daughter of the late Bey of Ansibah, set up to inherit her father’s throne as soon as she becomes an adult.

She became the adopted daughter of Beyaloa after her father’s death during the Battle of the Singing Ghosts, and is currently trying to adapt to her new situation… and to the potentially deadly dangers of her new life.

Elhia Ollorin

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