Enandi Iobana

Driven artist and politician - Wood Aspect


Enandi has skin the color of ground nutmeg, and hair going from black to the bright green of newborn grass. Like many Dragon-Blooded, she uses makeup and jewelry to highlight her Aspect markings. Usually dressed in green hand-painted silk and fine cotton she never carries any weapon with her, being a born politician more than a warrior.


The matriarch of Baliad’s richest noble family, Enandi has close ties to the Bey and the Guild, using both to her advantage during her years as head of her house. Iobana cotton harvested from her lands is sold all over the Twelve and beyond.

In the last few years, she has let her two sons take care of the family business, spending her time painting and composing music. She is close to the Way of Inspiration, giving lessons to Inspired musicians and training with them, though she doesn’t consider herself to be part of the cult.

Enandi Iobana

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