Harikrishnan Madoria Singh

Exiled sorcerer - Twilight Caste


Harik is a sophisticated man, clad in practical but rich travelling clothes. He is a bit aloof, and speaks with perfect grammar and a refined accent. He is rarely seen without a simple staff of cut wood.

When emotions runs high, the wind seems to blow around his person, even when indoors.


Harik is a wanderer, knowledgeable about many subjects. Thought unwilling to get caught in other’s problems, his tendency to look for mysteries has gotten him in trouble before.

Usually unfazeable, he is prone to worry when his past manages to catch up to him : he has revealed himself as a Prasadi citizen, from a a family with a history of strife with the Dragon-Blooded Burano clan, and the possibility of a Wyld Hunt is terrifying to him.

Harikrishnan Madoria Singh

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