He Who Burns

Fair Folk Noble


Clad in a robe of molten glass faning out like a peacock’s tail, He Who Burns is beautiful, his skin adorned with shining jewels, his dark hair framing a face dominated by two burning eyes, twin suns in the middle of a handsome and yet indistinct face.

His robe is both part of him and a powerful weapon, and he can apparently pluck melting glass feathers from it to use as terrible daggers.


He Who Burns is the fair folk noble who sold dream-eaten warriors to Nash Draghma. He is the true power behind the Path of Inspiration, and uses his influence over Baliad to gain more followers and more prey for him and his court, turning his dream-eaten into powerful unfeeling warriors, the silver masks.

This has affected the whole region, raising the demand for slaves (and thus favorising pirates in the area), and rewarding families following the Path of Inspiration with loyal and fearless warriors.

He Who Burns

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