Jemdat Ys O'Meilian

Martial Artist Student


Jemdat is a smallish woman with the powerful body of a martial artist. She wears her black hair in a topknot to keep it away from her face. Most of the time, when not in her gi, she wears a open silk vest on her bare chest, in the fashion of Ansibah.

Despite her privileged upbringing, she doesn’t wear any jewellery appart from the golden brooch holding her hair.


Jemdat is the niece of Ysmir, a merchant-prince of Dir-Jal. She was born on the Pearly Coast and raised in Ansibah, before coming to live with her uncle in Dir-Jal.

Like many students of Snake Style, she often appears cold at first, but hides a desire for adventure and has a fascination for anything mysterious. She recently learned the truth about Pragatima’s nature, and is struggling with the consequences of that revelation.

Jemdat Ys O'Meilian

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