Kadma The Blue Walker

Old Amnesiac Ghost


The Blue Walker is named for their soma : the blue stone body that allow them to walk as a man, even under the light of day. They appear as a living blue statue, clothed with ancient fabric, wandering throught the world of the living.

In truth, the real form of the Blue Walker is that of an indistinct ghost, with no recognisable traits, a simple blue silhouette for those able to see the spirit as it moves outside of their soma.


They are old. So very old. They remember little about their mortal life, not even their name or gender. A few details only remain : they were alive before the Inashi was chained, back when the Broken King was a lord on this land.

Hundred of years have passed, and the Blue Walker wanders still, looking for trace of their past in order to accept it and go into Lethe in peace. They are a curiosity for priests and occultists, but try not to mind mortals too much, only interacting with them when they cross path with the descendants of the one they were in life.

Their nickname Kadma (“Blue” in the language of the Hazan) was given to them by Pragatima.

Kadma The Blue Walker

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