Lapis Ojamila

Noble Demon Hunter - Fire Aspect


Lapis is a young-looking, with fair skin, long hair and a slender body bellying his strenght. He has dark tattoos on his arms and chest, and extremely long red hair. When not in armor, he tends to go bare-chested.

He carries a jade-sheated Daiklaive at his belt, and few people have ever seen him pull out the blade.


A noble of Ayodhya, and nephew to the Bey, Lapis is known for his impetuous temper, incredible appetite for adventure, and his rejection of the Cult of the Honored Ancestors.

He has fought pirates and bandits, tamed a giant bat to serve as his mount, fought renegade gods and raised an army against the Anathema Visadhara. Rumors has it that he is looking for a husband, and has already rejected many potential suitors.

Lapis Ojamila

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