The Natae family

Loyalist noble family


The emblem of the Natae is a golden iris flower, and most members of the family adorn themselve with one or more brooches when in public. The matriarch, Sinia, is an old woman with a kind smile and a haunted look, who leave her eldest son Osir managing the day-to-day business. He is maried to the beautiful Ryza, and they have four children (their younger Ahad being the only boy, along with his sisters Ayla, Iris and Tuli). Her daugther Kami recently married a rich Guild merchant, Sehin, with stock in the silver mines held by the Guild in the mirror mountains.


The Natae are noble and textile producers, on good terms with the queen and their extended family in the north of the Twelve. Their traditionalist views have put them at odds with most of the nobility in Baliad, and they have gotten closer to the Guild as a result in order not to lose their influence.

The Natae family

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