Omale Najilah'Ojoeni

Lady of Ansibah - Water Aspect


While actually sixty, Omale appears to be in her twenties, and takes great pride in that fact and in her nature as a Dragon-Blooded, even using subtle makeup to highlight her Aspect markings. She always is dressed in the latest fashions, favoring painted silks and open vests to show off her body, adorning herself with priceless jewelry.

While vain and abrasive, she is also smart and competent, and is respected by both her friends and her adversaries.

Her anima takes the form of a coiling sea-dragon composed of thousand of pilot-fishes


Omale is the head of the Ojoeni family, aunt to Ebele and Beyaloa, and the Admiral of the Golden Fleet of Ansibah. She is considered to be the most powerful person in the Twelve Kingdoms after the queen herself and the Bey of Ansibah.

While she is terribly ambitious and publicly revels in acting brashly, her plots are often years in the making : after all, she plans on still being in her prime long after most of her rivals die of old age. In the meantime, she is a patron of the arts, having commandered nearly an entire wing of the People’s Palace for her own painters, sculpter and artisans.

Omale Najilah'Ojoeni

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