Dream-eaten Warrior


Onirim is built with the lean and muscular body of a trained warrior, but his harsh life has taken a toll on him : today, he is covered with scars, and thinner than he should be.

His eyes and faces never show emotions : like all dream-eaten, he has lost all memories and all ability to feel, and is not much more than an empty shell.


Onirim was once part of the Silver Masks, the group of dream-eaten warrior slaves commanded by Nash Draghma. He was left for dead by his master, and subsisted for a while on the flesh of the Inashi.

Sick, addicted to the flesh of the god-monster and unable to care for himself in even the simplest way, he would be dead if not for Rohim, who took him as a permanent patient, hopefull to maybe learn how to cure his mind and give him back his identity.


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