Pakash Okashow

Bey of Baliad


With long dark hair and a slender build, Pakash looks almost androgynous. His deep, brillant eyes can go from menacing to charming and back in a breath. While he usually wears ample precious fabrics, the Bey of Baliad usually stays barefoot inside his palace and his ship, and is usually seen lounging even when conducting matters of state.


Pakash is passionnate and learned, and enjoys keeping the people around him on their toes, debating theology with his admirals and strategy with his priests. He can be charming and persuasive, and while he is not always loved, he can be hard to disagree with.

An avowed separatist, he is quick blame the Kingdom for most of Baliad’s problems, and appears to be working towards independance, but some suspect him of simply using this attitude to gain more popularity with an easy scapegoat.

Pakash Okashow

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