Pree Asma

Merchant-Prince of the Guild


Pree Asma is a woman who appears to be in her early forties, with long, luxurious auburn hair set with multiple golden rings. She has vivid green eyes, and paints her nail and lips with golden foil when appearing in public.

While beautiful, she is usually cold and haughty.


Born in Dir-Jal, Pree Asma went from being a lowly trader in spices to holding a near-monopoly on food exports to the city, and is widely considered to be the most powerful of the three merchant princes.

Pree Asma is the one responsible for Hazan attack on the independant villages between Dir-Jal lands and the Twelve. She hired the Ivory Arms to scare the villages and to stops some of her local Guild rivals.

Pree Asma

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