Tebliel the Captive

The God In The Handle


Tebliel is a many-armed spirit with a dark face of obsidian, made out of solid smoke and fire. He typically plays with shards of stone inscribed with ever-changing secrets, illuminated by the light of the great mane of blue fire serving as his hair.


An ennemy of Ireni, the god of Illuvar, Tebliel the Deluder is now a prisonnier inside Rain Pearl’s dagger.

A god of the hidden places of the coast, of forgotten grottos and secret valleys, he opposed the rule of Ireni the White Star for decades. When his insurgency failed, he was sentenced to prison, and captured in a Yasal crystal, linked to the pommel of a white iron dagger by starmetal filigree. For years, this dagger has been passed amongst the Flashing Mirrors of the White Star, to be mined for knowledge and slowly turned into a loyal ally of Ireni.

Today, he acts as something of a mentor to the young Solar Exalt, forcing her to accept her true nature and her changed life.

Tebliel the Captive

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