Yadu Vanshi

Wandering Revolutionnary - Full Moon


In his natural form, Yadu Vanshi is a massive bear of a man, with powerful arms and a blond mane of hair. Being a shape-shifter, he also has a variety of other human and animal forms to draw upon.

He is usually calm, but has an intense and driven demeanor that has been known to put people on edge.


Yadu Vanshi is a natural revolutionnary, travelling the countryside to help the downroden as they rise up against their betters. He fosters unrest and helps revolutionnaries against their adversaries, before disapearing and leaving them to fend for themselves when he figures they are on the right path.

While some of his projects end in disaster, he knows the important thing is to keep the powerful on their toes : after all one day, each and every one of them will fall, even if the first revolution is not successful.

Yadu Vanshi

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