The Bane of Ansibah - Dawn Caste


Visadhara is a powerful looking man, most often seen without armor or even a shirt, his wild black hair constrating with his short trimmed beard. He seems taller than he actually is, his presence and deep gaze hinting at the power he is hiding.

He is never far from a wide chest looking like a flat casket, locked with iron chains, that he carries on his back when travelling.

He has a natural way with children, and is often seen playing with them and carving toys out of wood to give them away.


A former mercenary, Visadhara was unknown before his Exaltation in a street fight in Ansibah. He spent days rampagning throught the city before being driven out by Ebele and a company of Children of the Spears, as a Wyld Hunt was starting to assemble, and is now known as the Bane of Ansibah, the most feared Anathema of the region. Still, precious few people know his face, and he travels without hiding along the western coast of the Dreaming Sea.

He has met Ebele again during their travels, and the two became fast friends, thought this is only known by them and Beyaloa’s circle.


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