Eren Kien Abe

Eren Kien Abe is the name of the great lance carried by the founder of the Twelve. It has been lost for generations, but rumors about the Artifact resurfacing at the hand of a supposed heir to the Kingdom have been common topics of conversation since the beginning of the Kingdom of the Isles’ history.

The Ten Devils Armor

This magnificent armor of orichalcum and green jade is one of the heirloom of the Burano family of Prasad. Legend has it that each one of the faces adorning it was cast by molding the true visage of a demon defeated by Smiling Pebble, the original master of the armor. Following the death of Burano Arjuna, the armor has been left for safekeeping to Ysmir, but no-one knows how far the Burano clan is willing to go to reclaim its ancient possession.

Piercing Thunder

Piercing Thunder is a blue jade and orichalcum direlance, 8 feet tall and heavier than a testubo. It was made by a Prasadi Dragon-Blooded to defend his home against the Realm troups, sometime before the fall of Kamthahar to the young Realm. Throught an unknown process, he managed to capture a living thunderbolt in the Jade, using the Orichalcum to cap and control the power of the lightning held prisonner inside the spear. The direlance is said to be fickle and to have changed hands often in the centuries since, and some say the lightning still living inside it make it unreliable, prone to disapear and look for other owners. It was recently found by Pragatima.

The panoply of the Broken King

The panoply of the Broken King is a collection of small wonders said to have been the attributes of an ancient godking. There is some debate amongst savants as to whether all the objects were ever held by a single person, or if they simply share some of their characteristics. Regardless, they do appear to have a common history : all the objects of the panoply are made of glass, jade and cold-wrought iron, all are covered in strange untranslatable glyphs, and all have been in some way broken.

The crown

The crown of the Broken King is apparently held by one of the Star-Princes of Illuvar.

The medal

The medal of the Broken King is said to protect those to which it was given. In Dir-Jal, iron or silver replicas of the original medal are common protection amulets. Rohim Ourba carries what he believed to be one of these, but it is becoming apparent that his might be the original.

The bracelet

The bracelet of the Broken King is said to confer its handler an preternatural sense of their subordinates, from knowing where they are to reading their mind. Maratan ’Okovar has recently been seen carrying a bracelet that might be the original.

The ring

The ring of the Broken King’s whereabouts and powers are unknown.

The rod

The rod of the Broken King’s was held in the treasure of one of the animal kingdoms south of the Twelve before being claimed by Pragatima.

The cup

The cup of the Broken King is said to purify any liquid poured into it, turning it sweet and safe to drink. It has been traded amongst the Hazan during Apana for decades, but has recently resurfaced in the hands of Nash Dragma. Pragatima claimed it for herself after deafeating the reborn merchant prince.

The sandals

The sandals of the Broken King supposedly allow their wearer to walk uninterupted towards his destination, overcoming any obstacle as long as they never stop walking. Their current wereabouts are unknown.

The 36 chests of Caylack

The chests of Caylack are ornate wooden boxes, made out of the wood of the greatest tree from the Elemental Pole of Wood, whose roots flow under all of Creation, and decorated with thin filigree of starmetal. Each of them is small enough to be carried by one man. Each object placed into one can be retrieved from any other chest by the one who placed it there, allowing the user to keep his property safe and close at hand.

All of the chests haven’t been rediscovered yet. The last three chests found were in a sunken ship in the Dreaming Sea, and were immediatly bought for a fortune by Ysiri sorcerers. One also belongs to Pragatima.


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