Hazan Trade

While Hazan do trade with outsiders, especially as mercenary, most of the trade between tribes would be unrecognisable as such to one not part of their tribes. Most trade between tribes and individual Hazan takes place during ceremonies : weddings, funerals or more simply meetings in the open plain are all occasion for an elaborate form of gift-giving called Apana.

During Apana, Hazan prepare and lay out great gift for all other participants. One gains prestige and honor by giving out riches. Greatest honor goes to those who give out the most, and those who are willing who part with the greatest part of their own fortune.

Any other participant can come and take any part of the gift offered, but doing is viewed as crude and impolite if they haven’t offered a gift of equal value (either during that Apana or a previous one.) Taking too much diminishes the social status of the one who does it until they get the occasion to give out more during another Apana.

More than gold, weapons or horses, the most valued gifts during Apana are those who have been exchanged before. When Hazan put those items up to be offered, they recount the history of that particular gift in litanies that sometimes go on for hours, listing all the previous holders of that specific offering.

Hazan Trade

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