The tale of the Inashi

“The Inashi came. Once every century, when the star of the Wanderer passed through the Gates of the West, the Inashi came. The mountains themselves trembled under his steps, and birds and wolves and men alike flew before him as he came.

Because the Inashi eats the world, and the Inashi can never die.

And so the Ages passed, and men and beasts lived and grew and flew when the Inashi came. Many heroes felled the monster and died themselves after he rose up again, bones cracking and mending, flesh and sinew weaving back together like so many living ropes.

And so there were no great cities on the edge of the world. No Soresh with its great gardens, no Kish with its buildings sculpted in the mountainside, no Chiaroscuro with its grand towers was ever built, for fear of it being eaten by the great behemoth.

And so life was, a thousand years and more, until the Inashi that couldn’t be slain was captured.

For two hundred and twenty-one year ago, three great glowing heroes came and fought the beast and bound it in chains of unbreakable alloys in the great valley of Jalist.

And there the Inashi lies, unmoving, undying, waiting until it can escape and eat the world again. And this is the story of the city that sprung around it."

The Chained God

The Inashi is a great beast, nearly 60 yards tall when standing, and more than 300 yards long. It has been described as a cross between a wolf, a whale and a dragon. Long ago, the monster came up from the sea every century, laying waste to the region for weeks and killing undiscriminately before going back to the depth of the Dreaming Sea.

The immortal beast is now chained in the middle of the city of Dir-Jal, where butcher-alchemists mine it for precious magical reagents. Citizens of the city have called it the Chained God for more than a century, a derogatory nickname that is taken as a fact by the newborn cult of the Chained God, a religion trying to free the beast for its chains.


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