Neighbouring Lands

The area surrounding the Dreaming Sea is home to empires and kingdoms who have develloped their own strange cultures and sorceries. Not all of them have suffered from the depredation of the Inashi, and some people today live in settlements built on ruins nearly older than mankind itself, while others claimed their territories from the wilderness, paying for it in sweat and blood.


Y’danna of the proud walls is no more. Once a mighty city-state north of the Pearly Coast, it was surrounded by sandstone walls thirty yards tall and three yards thick. A trade partner of the Twelve Thrones of the Isles and a commercial hub between empires, the city was rich and powerful, famous for its scupture, shadow plays and cutthroat local politics.

And all of this fell in a single night of terror and fire, when an unknown army rose up from the shore to put its citizens to the sword. A few citizens managed to flee the burning city as the mysterious assaillants plundered the wealth stored inside the walls.


Beyond the wild animal kingdoms bordering the southern regions of the Twelve, the empire of Ysir radiates from the great island in the south of the Dreaming Sea, where sorcerer nobles rule over mutant slaves, enslaving fae, men and spirit alike to work for their glory.

When united, the rulers of Ysir are able to marshall mighty armies, unleash terrible sorceries and work wonders unseen anywhere in Creation, but the proud sorcerers work against each other nearly as much as they work against their common ennemies, which may one day prove to be their downfall.


From the capital city of Kamthahar, where the Prasadi Dragon-Blooded are worshiped as living gods by the followers of the Pure Way, the Prasadi Empire has expanded to cover land all over the north-west of the Dreaming Sea. While the Prasadi are officially subjects of the Scarlett Empress, the Red Lady At The Center of the World, they are rarely in contact with the Scarlett Empire, plundering their own colonies to send their annual tribute throught the western deserts.

While Prasadi caravan do occasionnaly cross the great grassy Earti plains to come to Dir-Jal, most trade with the empire comes from the sea, going through Champoor, the Nighted City that is their main port in the Dreaming Sea.


Illuvar is a bustling city on the northern coast of the Dreaming Sea. It is ancient and much built-upon, its ever-changing skyline brimming with ancient towers of black stone connected by centuries of more modern construction. United under the worship of Ireni the White Star and governed by the Star Princes, the city has become fabulously wealthy, both throught their harvest of Coral Stars and by raiding neighbouring coasts.

The city and its inhabitant make great use of the Coral Stars, painting themselves and their dwelling with luminescent paste, or sending coded messages over the waves to their ships with great beacons of light.

Neighbouring Lands

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