People and fashion

People of the Coast

Most Hazan (apart from the barakin) have brown skin, and either red or black curly hair. They are usually tall, a third of them being over six feet. The people of the Pearly Coast tend to have straighter black hair and more delicate features, and to be quite short, but most are still extremely tan. The population of the Twelve and Dir-Jal is more diverse, with skin tones going from a deep, almost black-brown to the pale almond of some ghost-blooded, and hair going from black to chesnut or a light ginger. In some territories of Ansibah, men and women are born with rainbow-colored eyes which settle into a single color as they become adults.

Fashion and clothing

The fashion of the Isles tends to spread around the area. In the Kingdom, most people wear baggy trousers or long skirts with colorful patterns. It’s not unusual to keep the chest bare, and wearing long necklaces (of painted wood, coral, pearls, or precious metals depending on one’s income) and turbans is traditional. Recently, short capes and hats have become fashionable in the city of Ansibah proper. In the city of Dir-Jal, ornate leather apron are worn the butcher-alchemist who work on the Inashi, and people wearing them are usually given a wide berth in the town. Other citizens of the city usually wear dark cotton robes and scarves when outside, to avoid getting the stench of the city on the rest of their clothes. Hazan nomads rarely wear colorful clothes, preferring fabrics that allow them to blend in the plains. Clan chiefs and rhino riders wear leopard-skin’s capes to signiy their special status, while priests have elaborate headdress and jewelry. The Pearly Coast has a variety of fashions; but slaves are always forced to keep their head shaved (and forbidden to shave their beards if male).

People and fashion

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