Saturnine Moths

It is known by all living men that moths fly towards the light. But only the priestess of Kunie truly know why they never seem to fly up, trying to reach the moon and stars.

For it has not always been so! When moths were first made, they would fly to the sky itself, sometimes even reaching the palaces of the Maidens or the seat of the Argent Madonna in their race to home to the brightest light they could see. Such was the chaos that they caused in heaven, buzzing about everywhere between the stars, that the gods petitioned the Maidens and Luna to dim their lights at night, so that the dreadful insects might not climb towards the Celestial Cities anymore.

Of course, the Maidens of Destiny refused to do so, for dimming the light of the stars would surely diminish the power of Fate itself. So Luna raised his voice, saying he had a solution, before disappearing with a mischievous smile.

Being lord over all things that walk and swim and fly, he took it to change the moths themselves. But not wanting to get rid of their drive to seek the light (for he could see in it something that he likened to himself) he instead opted for another, more devious solution. He imbued part of the nature of the celestial into the moths themselves, so that they would believe the stars to be their brothers, and not bother to fly toward them. And so moths stopped disturbing the gods, and all thanked Luna, who smiled again without saying a word.

Now sometimes, a moth is born with stars painted on its wings. They are called the Saturnine Moths by the priesthood of Kunie, and the priestess feed them with special honey, until they grow wide enough to cover the face of someone who would put them on her nose. For those moths, being linked to the stars, carry a part of Fate inside them, and can gift hazy visions of things to come to those who hide their face behind their wings and learn how to coax their secrets.

Saturnine Moths

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