Southern Thrones

The South of the Twelve Thrones is usually understood to mean the territories of Baliad and the Fiery Isles. Some people also add the territory of Ayodhya, and the region is sometimes also called the Southern Triangle.

Culturally, is it somewhat distinct from the rest of the Kingdom of the Isles, having develloped its own customs, musical styles, art movements and cuisines. Slave labor and pirating are more frequent, often feeding off each other in complex ways, as pirates both take slaves from coastal villages to sell them in the Twelve and often become slaves themselves when captured.

Being amongst the last territories to join the Twelve, they are often proud of their perceived autonomy, and cries for independance from the capital of Ansibah are frequent, if rarely acted upon. This might also account for the popular support shown towards figures rebelling against autorities, and the disctinction between outlaws and local heroes is sometimes hard to perceive. Duels of honor between nobles or commoners, while not common, still exist in the Southern Triangle, and are seen as barbarous by the other territories.

The cult of the Honored Ancestors (and its militant sect) is stronger here than in the North ; this popularity has led the Pure Way and the Immaculate Lotus to synchretise into a single religion combining the outright worship of Dragon-Blooded and the godblooded societal debt system. Minor cults are also common, particularily amongst displaced slaves brought in from the southern wilds.

Here beastmen are more common than anywhere in the Twelve, most of them being slaves or descendants of slaves. They are widely discriminated against, and a harsh glass ceiling prevents even free beastmen from rising socially. God and ghostblooded are also commonplace, especially in rural areas where trysts with local spirits or ancestors are harder to prevent.

Southern Thrones

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