Strange Creatures

The Inashi

The Inashi is the great immortal beast born from the Wyld, chained at the center of Dir-Jal.

River Children

The River Children are a common sight all around the coast of the Dreaming Sea and along some of the larger rivers leading to it. They are reptilian creatures with thin limbs and webbed hands and feet, roughly the size and shape of monkeys, although it is said by some that very old River Children can become larger than a grown man. They are intelligent enough to use simple tools, and have a kind of hissing, burbling speech that, to date, no mortal has been able to learn. River Children tend to live in small family groups and survive on fish and aquatic plantlife. Human communities tend to ignore them unless they become very numerous or very aggressive. For their part, River Children families tend to avoid places where there is a large human presence, although they are not above following boats on the sea in the hopes that travelers will drop food.



In the plains, lone travelers will sometimes meet the Mekipa, catlike elementals with yellow fur that look like freshly cut grass and wooden masks-like faces. Mekipa can be aggressive and dangerous, unless offered a small portion of alcohol or blood each day. If they receive their due, they will assist the traveler, keeping watch for predators, guiding him to water or even licking his wounds to waylay infection.


Vaktri appear like cristaline humanoid statues of black stone, who never seem to move when one directly looks at them. Patient and resilient, they make very good guards, and are usually used as such by sorcerers.


A Serpent-and-Egg is a single elemental, looking like a carmelian serpent circling a copper egg the size of a child’s fist These taciturn elementals usually appear when great events are about to unfold, and can give out mysterious prophecies when proded.

Cloud Person

Cloud people are ethereal humanoids living on the clouds, aloof and rarely concerned with humanity or the surface world. Usually, some of them will follow a human they find beautifull from above, rarely if ever showing themselve.


Tidemare are enormous seahorses with long iridescent fins, beautiful and somewhat vain. They are living ships, able to create a transluscent space inside their stomach where humans can breathe even when underwater, and the biggest of them can carry up to a dozen persons under the waves, faster than any ship.

First Circle Demons

Tomescu, the Clamorous Cloud Arsenals

Tomescu bodies emit a thick smoke, from which protrude a dozen insectile limbs wielding fearsome-looking weapons. They are ferocious warriors, and all of them know the precise moment of their death, screaming at sunrise and sunset as that day approaches. Some rare Tomescu never scream, struck dumb by their horrible doom or sure of dying for a glorious purpose.

Anuhles, the Demon Spiders

Anuhles are not one but many species of First Circle Demons in the shape of great spider. The smallest Anhule are the size of a large dog, while the biggest can grow as tall as an elephant. Their capacities and temperament varies from species to species.

Peronelles, the Living Armors

A Peronelle is a blob of grey clay with dozens of red and black eyes. They can wrap themselves around another being like a second skin, becoming a living armor faster than one can blink. However, they are also hard to hide, tending to bring attention to themselves when worn.

Strange Creatures

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