Supernatural Features of the Area

The Coral Stars

Coral Stars are the physical reflection of stars that sailors sometime manage to pluck out of the sea on calm nights.


Wyldstorms are a feared phenomenon that can happen when the wind blow in from the Wyld, carying with it the seeds of pure chaos.

Wyld Manifestations

Wyld manifestations are common in the region, from invisible rivers in the Mirror Mountains, to a small, impenetrable forest out in the Jalist Valley that seems to move every season. Some sailors talk about the dark sweet waters, thick as lard, that one can stumble upon when out at sea, and travelers in the plains speak about a whirlwind that never seems to stop, called Kimbuga by the Hazan, accumulating debris over the years. South of the Twelve apparently exists a small kingdom of beasts, that meet in natural amphitheaters at night to talk in the tongues of men before going back to their normal lives. In Kunié, priestesses use the Saturnine Moths, born with stars on their wings and fed honey until they grow bigger than a man’s face, to get glimpses of the future.

Supernatural Features of the Area

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